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CounterIntelligence: Film Screenings
All events are FREE

Program 1: Objet petit a - artist and curator Charles Stankievech present
February 20, 2014, 7:00–8:00pm

Program 2: Fantasy is the Screen that Separates Desire from Drive
March 13, 2014, 7:00–8:00pm

Martens Image

Encounter Vol.1, London, (1953), Camouflage of Large Installations, London, (1st. Ed, 1939), Apéndice I, Barcelona, (1936). Collection: Stankievech.

Screening Schedule

Program 1: Objet petit a

February 20, 2014, 7:00–8:00pm -
artist and curator present
Hart House South Dining Room

Walter Benjamin
Mondrian 63 – 96, 1986
23:00 min
Courtesy of the artist

Raúl Ruiz
L’Hypothèse du tableau volé (The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting), 1979
Film transferred to DVD
63:00 min
Courtesy of INA

Program 2: Fantasy is the Screen that Separates Desire from Drive
March 13, 2014, 7:00–8:00pm

Hart House South Dining Room

Walid Raad
The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs, 1999
18:00 min
Courtesy of V Tape, Toronto

Lene Berg
Man in the Background, 2006
Single-channel video
20:00 min
Courtesy of Film Form, Sweden

Deborah Stratman
Hacked Circuit, 2014
HD video file, single-channel, 5.1 soundtrack
15:00 min
Courtesy of the artist

For full details on CounterIntelligence, this film series' coinciding exhibition, see

, a project by Berlin-based artist Charles Stankievech, contemplates the intersection of art and military intelligence communities, gleaning historic examples ranging from a 1930s anarchist double agent who designed Spanish torture cells based on Surrealist and Bauhaus aesthetics to a civilian bookwork circumventing the NSA’s control of encryption. Instead of focusing on the mechanics of propaganda or questioning the power of the image in today’s media saturated Military Industrial Complex, this exhibition explores the hidden gestures and strategic deceptions of a shadow world, covering a spectrum of work from historical military artifacts to contemporary artwork.

The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery recognizes the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. Additional funding for public programming was made available through the Hal Jackman Foundation.